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Adtiz Cloud System,
Patented Digital Signage System that enriches your business for becoming a business agent. Kindly visit Adtiz.com to get the latest information about the system
The Professional Service
Do you inspire to grow your business by instantly sending your advertisement to the public without having to deal with a human? Our company offers the best solution, which is our patented cloud based digital signage solution, the Adtiz Cloud. Kindly visit Adtiz.com for product and service info.

We seek in providing your business a product that will increase your sales. The Adtiz Cloud is a built by combining the concept of paper advertisements and internet advertisements. We believe in a "green" method of advertisement, hence the reduction of the paper based but turning it into a digital signage methodology. The Adtiz Cloud will provide your business the tools to instantly send an advertisement to your desired audience range, as well as, the means for your audience to trace your business. This ultimately increases your sales when your customer is able to get back to you.

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